Sunday, May 21, 2017

Piers Completed: Work Resumes

After four months of rain delay, work quickly resumed on the house. The foundation work ceased in January as they were working to establish five deep piers to attach the foundation to. Three piers were drilled and completed. The fourth was drilled and as they were drilling the fifth, it was determined that the ground was too wet.

Last week, we got the call saying work would resume. Quickly, the fifth bore was drilled and both piers four and five were filled with rebar and concrete. Friday we came home to find the concrete next to the house was jackhammered and they dug to expose the existing foundation.

Pier #2 on southern wall
 The next few days will be interesting. On Monday, they will put heavy duty jacks on each of the piers and they will lift the house up. I need to be here to communicate when I think that the house is level. I'm told there could be minor damage. Once in place, they will install some shoring to hold up the house.

Piers 3 & 4. La Cantina bifold door to replace the window.
Then, our inside contractor will come in to install a triple joist above the future door and indicated where the new door will go. Simpson Strong Walls will be installed on either side of the door. The southwestern portion of the foundation will then be removed and replaced. Then the outside concrete re-poured.  

Once the foundation company is done, then work on the inside can proceed at a faster pace.
Southwest corner of the house.

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