Saturday, February 18, 2017


Rain continues to delay our foundation work and even more rain is expected this week. We are starting to think that we may not see the foundation crew back until April or May. Meanwhile, we are trying to get things completed on the inside so as not to lose all momentum.

The most recent advancement was to take care of the venting for the furnace. We replaced the furnace shortly after we bought the place many years ago. We moved it from its original location--behind one of the closet doors that were demolished--to further under the house. But the venting to the upstairs is still in its original place. You can see in the last post a large, dark venting tube feeding into an aluminum plenum. That's the venting from the new furnace into the original plenum. But we want to reclaim that space. So we had a local HVAC company in to replace both the large tubing and the plenum so that an existing soffit can continue.

The large tubing was replaced with a vent that is as flat and wide as they make it (3" x 24"). A new wall will float in front of the vent. The large plenum has been replaced with the three flexible silver tubes that feed into the various vents that deliver heat upstairs. These will be inside the new soffit. Yeah, that's asbestos in the top left and right on this shot. They were careful not to disturb that. The blue tape  at the bottom is just my plastic sheeting to cover up the places where the cat could get underneath the house--something we don't want to happen.

I also had a meeting with the inside contractor to figure out what other work could be completed while we deal with the rain. We came up with a plan so there should be more progress in the coming days and weeks.