Thursday, November 15, 2007


The big news is the Richlite surfaces were installed. We have it over the oven, on the bar, and over the sink. It looks great and we're quite happy with it.

The Formica counter tops were recently installed (and parts reinstalled). The Formica on the island looks great and we like it. The counter top along the back wall (around the sink) is not as great a job as we were hoping for. The printing on the Formica was quite faded and we were told by the company that such "variations" are normal. The workmanship has not been up to our expectation. Long story short, we are attempting to negotiate a reinstall on that part of the counter top. We're not sure where it will end but we'll see.

Meanwhile, the cook top, down draft, sink, and dishwasher were installed today by Joel. That, with the already installed oven, means we have a semi-working kitchen. The dishwasher will have an integrated panel to match the bamboo cabinets but it is a working dishwasher.

Everything is covered with dust and I can't wait to clean it up and get it ready to be a kitchen.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lights! Camera!

The electrician was in today to finish up the lighting. The trim pieces were installed, light bulbs screwed in, and the switches were finalized. One of the two pendant lights was installed so that we can decide the height we want and he'll then install both. Under counter lighting is still on the to-do list. He reinstalled the ceiling fan as well.

The next few days should see some major developments. Counter tops are in but there's a story there for another post.