Friday, May 26, 2017

Busy Week

What a week! Now that the foundation company is back on the job, things are moving quickly. On Monday, they were here to literally jack up the house on the new piers in order to correct the gradual slide that has been going on. Despite being told that there could be minor damage, so far we have only noticed a few things that are totally fixable.

Once the house was level, they installed shoring in the downstairs room and then proceeded to jackhammer out the foundation and stem wall. We came home on Wednesday to find one corner of our house literally floating over the ground.

By Friday they were building the forms to pour the new foundation. The door is already gone and the security screen door is also now removed. A piece of plywood now covers the former door frame.

Both contractors were here today to go over next steps. We may be done with the foundation work by the end of next week. Then it's time to focus on remodeling the inside of the room.

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