Saturday, March 25, 2017


The rain continues off and on, so the foundation work remains on hold. Meanwhile, with the furnace venting and the hot water heater both moved some of the bones of the new room are starting to take shape. The original idea was to nestle the venting inside of the existing framing but we were told that they cannot do that. So new framing was constructed around the furnace venting and it sits on top of the existing framing. This will push to wall out about 4 inches.

The soffit framing, which formerly ended at the old closets, has now been extended. A new soffit has been created across the room where we will have our new Murphy wall with shelving and a place for the TV.

The bathroom has also seen some changes. We are shifting the door frame to the right. Originally, we were going to do this so that we could install a pocket door. But it turns out that there is a metal pipe running inside the frame and up to the roof for venting the toilet. So it can't be moved. Right now we are looking into sliding door options. The original sink and vanity was against the wall. The plumbing was also moved to accommodate the corner sink that will be installed in the future.

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