Sunday, May 20, 2012

In the Garden: May 2012

The summer vegetable garden was installed over the last two weekends. I also got some mulch to put over everything (not pictured).

Now in the ground:
  • San Marzano tomato - looking forward to trying this famous varietal.
  • Roma tomato - Hope to make some more spaghetti sauce.
  • 2 Green beans - Thought I bought one but when I got home there were two.
  •  Zucchini - Of course.
  • Leeks - First time trying these. I use them in my homemade broth.

  • 8 Italian basil plants - Hopefully, I'll be making lots of pesto for the freezer.

  • Bell Pepper in a nearby pot - I've got a lot of potting soil and a lot of empty pots so I may try some more plants in pots.